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About ME

Designing started at a young age for me.  Imagine a kid making clothing out of newspapers, or houses for my toy horses out of shoe boxes, or even an awful attempt at a quilt made from scraps of fabric my grandma gave me.  If I had a creative idea, I figured out a way to execute it. 

At the young age of 4 or 5 my parents let me take art classes from the Minnetonka Center of the Arts in Minnesota where I grew up.  I thought it was a great idea until my dad dropped me off on the first day and I cried and cried until he came to get me.  I guess you could say I was (am) a daddy's girl and couldn't be left alone with those weird kids!  As soon as I warmed up to the idea of having fun while making art, there was no holding me back.  Then of course I wanted to take EVERY class offered.  I tried pottery, mixed media arts, drawing, name it.  In addition to formal art classes, both my grandma and mom knew how to sew, so I took that up as well.   I started with small sewing projects like dolls then eventually started designing my own clothing, swim suits and costumes.

I continued taking art classes until the end of high school, not knowing where it would eventually take me.  I decided I wanted to go to college at the University of Minnesota Duluth to study pre-law (of all things!).  Half way through my freshman year one of my friends introduced me to graphic design - and it changed my life!  I had no idea such a major existed.  So what did I do?  Switched majors, found my niche and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  

After college I got hired at E Group, a marketing agency downtown Minneapolis where I was able to do graphic design and marketing alike.  I've designed for a wide variety of clients including Life Time Fitness, NASCAR, 3M, Autolite, FRAM, Prestone, Daikin McQuay, MasterNet, the Minnesota Wild, the Brooklyn Nets, the Cleveland Indians and more.  After working at E Group for three years I decided I wanted to leave Minnesota for a place more exciting - Las Vegas!  

I am currently a Marketing Manager for a world-renowned hot tub manufacturer.  My job is a fusion of marketing, graphic design and social media.  I love my job and and am very fortunate to be employed by such an amazing company.  I also do freelance graphic design, a little web design and some promotional modeling.  When I'm not working, you can find me hiking at Red Rock Canyon, sewing new outfits or going to concerts.  I should also mention I have two Chihuahuas. Norman lives with me in Las Vegas and Pudgy lives with my parents back in Minnesota.

I'm always interested in taking on new design work no matter how big or small the project- so don't hesitate to ask!